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Shooting Arcade Machines for hire

From the iconic House of the Dead to Point Blanks and Time Crisis Twin arcade machines, we have them all in stock and available to hire for events, parties, weddings and exhibitions nationwide in the UK. Do you love action games and taking out the enemy? Well, now you can have a lot of fun and excitement with the shooting arcade machines we have for hire! At Arcade Machine Hire, we have one of the best collections of retro shooting games that you will find, with all of them available to hire for any occasion. Whether you are having a special birthday party or creating a memorable business event, there is no better way to entertain your guests than with a shooting arcade machine.

Everyone loves a challenge and there is no better way to test your reaction and coordination skills than with shooting arcade machines. You can pick up your gun and practice your aim, as moving targets and enemies emerge on the screen. Shooting arcade machines have always been popular and especially because they are a two-player game. You can challenge your friends to play with you and see if you can grab the top score. At any event, shooting arcade machines are a great way to bring everyone together and have some fun. Check out the shooting arcade machines we have for hire today!

Aim and Fire with Shooting Arcade Machines

Do you want to add a shooting arcade machine to your latest party or event? With Arcade Machine Hire, it has never been easier! We have a fantastic range of shooting arcade machines that is going to keep everyone entertained and provide hours of fun for everyone. Plus, it will test everyone’s skills and be a fun competition for the day or night. Let’s see who can achieve the top score!

A real classic that everyone loves is the Point Blank Arcade Machine. This is a classic game that has been loved throughout the years and it is still a big hit. It was first released in 1994 by game giants Namco and it allows you to pick up a gun and see what you can hit. It is also a two player game, which makes it a great interactive game for everyone to play. Plus, if you are looking for a team game that gets everyone socialising and bonding, this is it! Guests of all ages and skill levels can enjoy this arcade machine and it is simple to operate. You also don’t have to worry about violence with this one; it is simply a shooting game where you aim at fruit and other objects, which means that it is suitable for children.

Shooting Arcade Machine Games are Available to Hire!

Do you love scary games and the thrill of not knowing what is going to happen? Then we definitely recommend the House of the Dead Arcade Machine! This is a fantastic game that lets you test your survival skills against zombies. You can pick up your gun and see if you can beat the enemy. There are four chapters that you can play and it is a two player game, which means that you can play with family, friends, or colleagues. So, what are you waiting for? Another retro game that everybody is sure to love is the Time Crisis II Twin Arcade Machine. This is the shooting game that everyone knows and it was first released in 1998. It was created by Namco and it allows two players to play together in the same game, as well as in different chapters. Simply pick up the gun and step up to the screen and see if you can beat the enemy to advance through the levels. This is going to be great at events and parties, keeping guests entertained for the whole day and night!

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