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Driving Arcade Machines for hire

Do you love the thrill of driving fast cars? Have a need for speed? Well, there is going to be no better games to have at your event or party than one of our fantastic driving arcade machines! Now you have the opportunity to hire a fun and exciting driving arcade machine for your special occasion. You can climb into the driving seat and take the wheel and see if you really have what it takes to win the race. There is no better way to keep your guests entertained and have the best birthday party or business event than with a driving arcade machine!

At Arcade Machine Hire, we have some of the best driving arcade games from throughout the years. What makes it even better is that driving arcade machines are for two players, which means that you can race against your friends and family at any event. You can test your driving skills around some of the toughest and most popular driving courses from around the world. So, check out the driving arcade machines we have on offer today for short and long term hire to have some fun!

Take the Wheel with Driving Arcade Machines

One of the best driving arcade machines ever has got to be the Sega Rally Twin Arcade Machines. Throughout the years, people of all ages love to get behind the wheel and race through different countries and see if they can win first place. Now, you don’t need a license to enjoy racing around and having some fun! People of all ages and skill levels can take the wheel in Sega Rally and see if they can take home the crown. This game was first created in 1998 and it has lead the way in driving games ever since. In fact, this classic racing game beats many of the modern games! You can enjoy playing side by side by a family member or friend and see if you can beat them out on the road. You can put your foot on the accelerator and swing around corners just like a real race car driver! Of course, there are many different chapters in this driving arcade game. Which means you can enjoy a challenge. If you keep winning, you can progress and play more difficult levels. This is sure to keep everyone entertained. This is the driving arcade machine that is fun for all!

Driving Arcade Machine Games for Available to Hire!

So, what are you waiting for? Take a look at one of our amazing driving arcade machine games today and make sure that your next part or event is the best one yet. At Arcade Machine Hire, we have an extensive range of arcade machines that you can choose from for any occasion. From driving and shooting games to dance arcade machines, there is something that everyone is going to love to play.

At Arcade Machine Hire, we take care of all the details so that you can enjoy playing the games. Whether you are looking for a short term hire for a special occasion or a long term hire for your venue, we can help you choose the right arcade machine for your needs. Plus, we take care of all the delivery and testing so they are ready to play. There is even the opportunity to customise the branding on the arcade machine that you choose. This is going to give you exposure that by exhibitions and events and make everyone take notice of your business. Check out the driving arcade machines we have today and get started!

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