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Long term arcade machine hire

Long-Term Arcade Machine Rental

Are you interested in hiring one of our arcade machines for your club, pub or bar? At Arcade Machine Hire, we now offer long-term hire on all of our fantastic retro arcade games. This means that you can enjoy having all of the games that your customers love all day, every day. At Arcade Machine Hire, our long-term hire agreement is a fantastic way to enjoy all of the fun at a reduced rate. You can attractive more customers, earn additional income and everyone can have fun. After all, who doesn’t love playing games?

Excitement and Extra Income by leasing Arcade Machines

If there is one thing that makes everyone excited it is retro games. Adults love a blast from the past and having a collectable piece of nostalgia in your venue is going to make you stand out from the crowd. Customers will love visiting your amazing venue and soon it will become famous for being the most exciting place in town! Of course, if this wasn’t enough, you also have the opportunity to make an additional income on all arcade machines. Whether you are a nightclub wanting to create a fun space or you are a children’s play centre that wants to bring back the golden age of arcade video games, you can choose our long-term hire agreement.

Do you want to bring some lights, music and competition to your venue? Now you can with the Long Term Boxing Machine Hire. This is a fantastic machine that is going to stand out in any bar, nightclub or pub across the country. It invites your customers to come over and see if they can beat the high score. With a real leather durable ball, customers can strike their best punch like they were in the ring and see what their score is and whether they can make the record list. Of course, the funny voice will also give unique feedback on their performance!

If you want your customers to enjoy some of the most popular classic games ever created, then you have got to go for the Long Term Multi Play Arcade Machine Hire. The Voyager system that we have lets you choose up to 300 games, including Pac-Man, Street Fighter, Donkey Kong, Galaxian and Space Invaders. The best part is that you can also choose the design of your arcade machine. Whether you want to include a coffee table arcade machine or opt for the classic upright machine, you have the opportunity to choose what one suits your venue the best and hire it long term.

If there is one kind of game that gets people excited and socialising, it has got to be driving games. With the Long Term Driving Arcade Machine Hire, you can choose racing games that are multiplayer and let your customers race against each other to see who can land first place. Of course, everyone loves the novelty of sitting behind the wheel or on the back of a motorbike to feel like you are in the game. There is no way your customers will be able to resist coming into your venue and enjoying a shot on one of your arcade machines!

Choose Long-Term Hire to Make Your Venue Number One

At Arcade Machine Hire, we make sure that your long-term hire agreement is cost effective for you and is simply in operation. This means that we will install and maintain the arcade machines for you so that you can focus on all the fun. We are one of the leading suppliers in

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