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Custom Arcade Games

Have you ever wondered what custom arcade games are all about? Well, we will tell you all about them! Custom arcade games are about creating a special experience for your event or party. You can entertain your guests, as well as promote your brand for customers. It is about taking the best retro arcade games of all time and making them your own. How can you do this? By customising them with your branding, images and colours; our design team here at Arcade Machine Hire can make anything happen. So, what are you waiting for?

If there is one thing that grabs everyone’s attention it has got to be arcade games. Adults love the nostalgia that some of the retro arcade machines bring back, as well as kids enjoying the challenge that simply cannot be replicated in today’s technology. This means that it is a fantastic opportunity to use these games to your advantage and we are talking about custom arcade games. For example, if you are attending a roadshow or exhibition and really want your brand to stand out from the competition, this about custom arcade games. You can attract customers over and let them enjoy playing their favourite games. Meanwhile, your brand is getting plenty of exposure. Custom arcade games do your job for you!

Custom Arcade Games are Winning

We have seen an increase in famous brands wanting to enjoy custom arcade games? Why? Simply because they are a fantastic way to promote your brand at events and start a conversation with customers. For example, Marr Clothing had a custom arcade machine designed especially for their new Shoreditch store. This was designed with their branding and to match their store and it was a much-loved accessory by customers. Nobody can resist a retro arcade machine!

Another example of a brand successfully using custom arcade games is Party Poker. This big company wanted to start out at a pop-up event and we designed a custom boxing machine for the Dusk Til Dawn Casino. This went down a treat and customers loved having a shot on this custom arcade game. Even Activision wanted to use custom arcade games for their European exhibition in Germany. It is a way to attract everyone’s attention and for your brand to become memorable no matter where you are. You can choose from games such as custom Star Wars, driving games and shooting games.

Use Custom Arcade Games to Promote Your Brand

The great thing about custom arcade games is that you can design them however you want to. This means that you can choose the images, text and branding that you wish to use and promote your brand. Our design team are experienced and have worked with many companies before, which means that we can make any ideas you have imagined into a reality.  It has never been easier to create custom arcade games!

It doesn’t matter whether you are going to an activation, exhibition or any other event, you can choose Arcade Machine Hire to design your custom arcade games today. We make sure the whole process is simply and as easy as possible for you. We will deliver your custom arcade games right to your venue so that you do not have to worry about transport. In addition, we will discuss what time is best for you so that your custom arcade games are ready and all set up for your event or party. All of our custom arcade games are fully PAT tested and we will provide copies of all the important documents for you in advance.